Make your picks

  1. Before the start of an ATP/WTA 1000 tournament, you will need to go to the Home Page and click on the active tournament.
  2. Fill out your bracket by picking a winner for every match, from the first round until the final round.
  3. Click on “Submit”

Edit your picks

You can edit your bracket any time until one hour before the start of a tournament.

Point system

Points are awarded when you successfully predict the winner of a match. Point system is as follows:

• First Round: 1 point per player (no points for byes)
• Second Round: 2 points per player
• Third Round: 4 points per player
• ….the points continue to double for each round.


Grand Prize

Two Grand Prizes will be awarded to the participants who collect the most points throughout the season. One Grand Prize will be made available for each leaderboard winner; the Men’s ATP leaderboard winner and the Women’s WTA leaderboard winner. The season ends in November 2023.


At the end of each ATP and WTA 1000 tournament, a Secondary Prize will be awarded to the Men’s ATP and the Women’s WTA bracket winners.

All Prizes

The more you play, the more chances you have to win incredible prizes